Showcase your Twitter data using a stylish and modern Twitter Info Widget for WordPress.

Key Features

  • Fully responsive
  • Fully customizable
  • Unlimited colors for customization
  • Automatically grabs and extract Twitter data
  • Automatically update Twitter data every night for consistency
  • Twitter API integration
  • Custom messages before and after the widget
  • Using shortcodes to place the Twitter widget on any post or page
  • Supports all major browsers

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Twitter Info Widget Demo

See how you can customize the twitter info widget to match your website and brand colors. Below are some of the example widgets to show different options:

Default Settings

Using the default settings, we can get the following Twitter widget. The default colors are meant to match every website.

But if you need full control over the colors, then you can certainly customize every part of the widget.


Synchronize Data Every Night

Twitter data is synchronized every night to keep the consistency between the widget and the actual data.

It is automatically done! so you can sit back and showcase your Twitter data using this beautiful widget.


Other great features

You can easily add message before and after the widget. The messages are HTML tags supported, so you can highlight the important texts.

Data is stored in database for better performance, so your pages will load with the same speed.

A message to show before the widget.


A message to show after the widget.

Place Shortcode on Pages and Posts

You can use shortcodes to display Twitter Info Widget anywhere in your posts and pages. Just copy the shortcode from the widget settings and paste it in your desired place. For example:

[ twitter-info-widget id="5" ]